PINOY LSS ACADEMY: Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt [Online Course]
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PINOY LSS ACADEMY: Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt [Online Course]

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This is Online Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt Course by Master Black Belt Reggie Vallente (Pinoy Lean Six Sigma Academy) allows Learners to develop critical-thinking skills by understanding the fundamentals of Lean Six Sigma, and be able to apply various tools for effective problem-solving.

Training Objectives:

To allow learners to understand Lean & Six Sigma methodology and apply its principles in their respective roles which help them:

– Develop problem-solving and critical-thinking skills
– Adapt a quality-focused and quantitative management approach
– Gain confidence in leading process improvement initiatives
– Assist management in setting its future direction for lean six sigma deployment
– Enhance productivity, efficiency, and reduce workplace defects
– Guide Change Management & Leading the Six Sigma Culture
– Become future leaders within their organization

Target Audience:

Team Leaders, Operations Manager, Supervisors, People who want to be a significant contributor in their workplace and accelerate career growth.

What made Lean Six Sigma popular is its adaptability to any industry and its effectiveness in helping companies and practitioners who, followed to methodology, to solve issues and improve their processes and performance.

Benefits of Learning Lean Six Sigma:

  • Develop Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills. You never have to feel nervous when a you problem pops up. Because you will always know what to do.
  • Gain Confidence in Spearheading Improvement Projects, because you have a roadmap to follow that you could always rely and refer to.
  • Avoid data analysis-paralysis. You’ll now what data to measure, how best to measure them, what to do with data once collected, and how to drive actions out of processed data and focus efforts on root-causes with the highest impact on outcome.
  • Become a Bullet Proof Problem Solver at your workplace. Be the go-to person when issues arise because they know you have what it takes to take the issue to its resolution
  • Standout as an Innovator and an Effective Change Leader. You’ll be the internal/ external consultant that people depend on for solutions. You’ll never run out of Improvement Ideas.
  • Position yourself better for internal promotion or boost your industry marketability. You’ll be among your company’s Top Talent, ready to take on the next level role.
  • Enhance your Business Process and Strengthen Customer Relationship through better Customer Experience. Develop processes that are stable and predictable, with results aligning to Customer expectations.

What you will get:

  1. 42 High Quality Over-the-Shoulder HD Tagalog-English Training Videos by Master Blackbelt Coach Reggie Vallente covering all Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt topics – aligned to global standards. (worth Php,11499)
  2. All 42 PDF Copies of the Presentation Materials covering all Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt topics. (worth Php 1,499)
  3. Lean Six Sigma Digital Workbook – a compilation of 40+ Templates in One Digital Toolkit (Php 2,499 Value)
  4. Lean Six Sigma Training Exam and Certification (Php 3,499)
  5. Opportunity to Earn your Investment Back through our Referral Program by helping us get more LSS YBs trained to support Continuous Improvement Capability building for the Philippines. (Priceless – Return on Investment)
  6. Make It Happen eBook and Video Course – (Php 4,499 Value)
  7. 220 Secrets to Success e-Course (Php 1499 Value)
  8. Participate in Charity Cause. We donate 10% of what we earn to charity and mission partners. (Priceless)
  9. Learning the course from home, Anytime, Anywhere (Php Priceless)

THAT IS OVER PHP 24,994 (plus all priceless value).

But we will not charge you that much.

Not even close to it.

Because we want to make the Course be More Accessible to as many Pinoys

We are offering the Course at a Very Budget Friendly

PRICE of Php 5,999

and you can use Discount Codes to it as well.

60-day Risk Free Money-Back Guarantee

STILL ON THE FENCE?  We have a “Nothing to Lose and Everything to Gain” 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Yes, We are confident that you will absolutely love our LSS Yellow Belt course that we are offering full 60-day, money-back guarantee if we have not delivered value to your investment. The only thing we will ask for is improvement feedback, which we believe is fair, and we shall process your refund request promptly – NO QUESTIONS asked. If We Don’t give Value to you, we’d rather give your Money Back. We take all the risk so you don’t have to. And you can get started immediately today.


About our Trainer:

Reggie Vallente holds Blackbelt (Stat-a-Matrix Institute, USA) and Master Blackbelt (Villanova University – Pennsylvania, USA) certifications in Lean Six Sigma and is also a Certified Master Project Manager (American Academy of Project Management), together with a Management Consultant certificate from the Institute of Certified Management Consultants (ICMC).

His specialties include Training and Consulting (lean six sigma, process re-engineering, data analytics, creative thinking, change management, corporate and business management), Strategic planning, Coaching (executive and practitioners), Corporate leadership, operations management, and delivery optimization. He honed his skills after taking on critical posts from Top Local and Fortune 500 Companies he was fortunate to work with.

Reggie was among the pioneer Black Belts of BPI in 2006, who trained under the tutelage of quality guru, MBB Charles Aubrey back when he was with Oriel Stat-a-Matrix Institute – former President of the American Society for Quality and the Asia Pacific Quality Organization, and Consulting VP of Juran Institute. He has been in corporate Lean Six Sigma training & coaching in the Philippines, Singapore, and Canada, since 2008, bringing with him very practical applications of various quality improvement approaches.

He is currently a Man-on-a-Mission helping local companies adapt global best practices in management, analytics, lean six sigma improvement and change management. He is an advocate of pushing for a better Philippines by strengthening local capabilities.

You may add him on linkedin at


Do I need Internet to Access the Course? 

Yes, it is an online course and it is hosted at Process Doctors Academy, which is our Learning Portal, together with other non-LSS courses offered (Leadership, etc.). However, you will also have access to Downloadable Training Videos which you can watch offline at your convenience.

Can I pay in installment mode? 

When is the schedule of the training? 
You can take the course anytime most convenient to you. The lessons have been pre-recorded. Hence, you do not have to adhere to any schedule except that which suites you most. Any question submitted is covered through a webinar released to learners.

How long do I have access to the course? 
You have One (1) year access to the course, which is more than enough. The course is designed to be completed on 2.5 Days on a normal pace.

Is this course approved by a lean six sigma body/authority? 
There is no single certifying body and authority on Lean Six Sigma locally or globally. There may be those more popular, and also more expensive. But it’s actually the Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt than can certify someone based on training, application and assessment. What I assure you is this course is aligned to global standards – even providing more for a yellow belt course (you can freely compare my content vs others). And i take my name as my guarantee. I make sure those who graduate from my training and certification has what they need to succeed. You could check around the market and see training and certification that will charge you more and provide much less value. That is precisely why I made this course. So people will have high quality training option that fits in their pockets and one which they can take anywhere and anytime. Without need to adhere to any schedule. I get remarks from my students saying that they learned more from my LSS Yellow Belt than the Green Belt course they took somewhere else.  And is also why I provide 60-day Money-back guarantee.

After I complete the course, will I be a Certified Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt (CLSSYB)? 
Yes. This is a certification course, so you can add CLSSYB on your title. You will only get to download your certificate after you have gone through all the course modules, submit your exercises and passed the Certification Exam which are all designed in the course itself. Hence, when you get your certificate, I as the LSS Maste Black Belt, certify you to have completed the requirements to become a CLSSYB.

Can I watch the courses on my mobile phone? 
Yes, you can access the course in any device with internet access. Our platform is mobile device friendly.

What if I fail the certification exam, is there option to retake? 
Yes, you may retake up to three (3) times.