In addition to the General Terms and Conditions (https://www.tudlo.net/pages/general-terms-and-conditions) of Tudlo, the following Special Terms and Conditions (“Seller Terms”) apply to users participating as sellers on the Website and the use of the services from Tudlo.


These Seller Terms govern the particulars of commissioning Tudlo in conjunction with offering, marketing and selling advisory and learning courses in business, strategy, and finance. In the event of any conflicts between the Terms and Conditions, and these Seller Terms, the latter take precedence. Deviating and/or additional other special terms and conditions can apply to possible special offers/promotions initiated or supported by Tudlo.


1) Rights & Responsibilities of Seller


Seller agrees to have its products be advertised and sold in the Website with listing prices equal or lower to Seller’s price in his or her online and/or offline shop. 


Seller shall provide its list of products to Tudlo, including pictures and product knowledge. Product knowledge shall refer to the product’s description and related information to be published in the Website. 


Subject to Tudlo’s approval, products are published not more than three (3) business days from submission of all information in 1.2.


Seller remains to be the owner of products until sold through the Website.


Seller shall bill Tudlo to all sales in the Website, billable amounts be computed as listing price less Tudlo's commission.


Seller shall deliver the product to the person or organization assigned by Tudlo to receive the product.


Seller shall receive a monthly sales report and Tudlo's payment five (5) calendar days in the immediately subsequent month. Tudlo payment shall be computed in accordance with 1.5.


Seller products may be included in social media, and Website campaigns.


Seller has the right to hold one free or paid webinar per month using Tudlo’s webinar platform. This right is subject to availability, and shall be booked on a first-come-first-serve basis.


2) Non Exclusivity Clause

This agreement is not intended to be exclusive. Either party can enter into other similar Agreements with other companies or individuals. Nothing in this Agreement shall be construed to preclude Tudlo from selling or marketing another party’s products and services in its Website.


3) Intellectual Property Rights 

Seller grants Tudlo a no-cost, limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, revocable right to use Seller’s logo and materials related to the listing of its products in the Website.


4) Limitation of Liability


Tudlo will not make any representations,  warranties, promises or claims about Seller's products to Buyers except those specified in Product Knowledge.


Tudlo will not be liable for any delays, non-accuracy, incompleteness, errors and other issues arising from the delivery of products to Buyers.